ARQUITECTURA“The more complex the building is, the clearer the design should be. That’s why minimalist architecture fits in healthcare projects.”
My study of architecture has been in business since 1992. I have carried out almost all types of private and public projects, about 450 works and projects in collaboration with architects and engineers from my own team.  I first directed works for Expo ‘92 in Seville (Spain). Since then, we have participated in and won competitions and projects such as auditoriums, faculties, houses, and even skyscrapers in Spain ( published in professional magazines, websites, and university books among others).HEALTHCARE ARCHITECTURE
The last fifteen years, we have specialized in Healthcare architecture with around 200,000 m2 of projects built in all public hospitals in Malaga (Spain) and some abroad, as well as several Health centers.

  • Specialized of projects to new large hospitals (New Hospital from Metropolitan area of ​​Malaga, about 160,000 m2)  or projects for new small hospitals , even they are more complex to fits all medical specialties (Hospital of New Guinea) .
  • Designed and construction the remodeling and expansion of five main hospitals in Malaga  ( about 250 works finished by now). This works have been carried out in phases, without closed any medical services (these projects , are more complex than a project of new hospitals, because must be, design new specialties, facilities, reinforce structures, etc …)
  • It would be important to emphasize the great experience in the design and built of Health centers, which provide a more direct citizen services, without having to visit a hospital.
  • Extensive international experience through collaborations with Architecture offices to other countries or through international competitions.

Specialized in educational architecture (namely faculties, high schools  and nurseries).  This kind of architecture can be implemented by modules, which reduces cost, likewise tried to create interesting building and Architecture. The most significant example about it, would be the new Law faculty of University of Granada, a modern building integrated a European old town stands out.

I have specialized myself in public houses ( from government of Spain) and private residential architecture for foreign clients in the most luxury urbanization in Costa del Sol (Spain). Collaboration with a Boston architectural firm to draft projects for several large houses in the most luxury urbanization in Marbella (La Zagaleta ).

  • - Designed and managed the construction of luxury homes (6.000 M2) in Costa del Sol, from foreign clients.
  • - Managed the construction and designed a luxury apartment complex (1.220M2) in Marina on Costa del Sol.
  • - Built of public sustainable residential homes (6.450 M2), through a bidding. Andalusia.
  • - Managed, project and works of repair around 150 houses in 8 village of southern Spain.

The field of administrative architecture is very broad, but have developed a number of models and of course, the difficulty of implementation is less than Healthcare architecture.

  • - Created the project for 2 Auditoriums, one with 5.000 seats in Pamplona, and a smaller one, in Granada.
  • - Created the project for the Court Building for the City of Valencia of over 100.000 M2.
  • - Collaboration of design, and work´s direction of Expo´92 in Seville.