REMODELACION-PThe projects of new Hospitals and Healthcare architecture, require a thorough knowledge and experience of works to hospitals, for doing projects that can be functional, a lot of knowledge of engineering, and healthcare equipment which then requires every medical specialty, and the same time trying to create “Architecture”. One the most important goal is to get the communications are clear from both, doctors and users.
In short get implement the project, always working in a team, with architects, engineers, and specialists in medical equipment, among others, but the most importantly is to properly manage the project works, and be able to coordinate all projects of other professionals, as architect, and make changes when is necessary, and to avoid to increase the budget or delays of works.

Projects of New Hospitals in Spain and abroad. Remodeling of five hospitals in Malaga Metropolitan Area and built and projects of a few Health Centers, Ambulance Hospital building among others, (about 250 works) of all kinds of specialties in the 5 public hospitals in Malaga. Leading multidisciplinary and multicultural professional teams of up to 20 specialized Engineers, Architects in projects and works.
Designed all the new facilities and I integrated a lot of complex hospital specialties. Work direction by phases respecting the deadlines and the budgets. Built and projects without closing any hospital medical service. Always try to use the best materials to create minimalist architecture.
Projects and direction of labs, radiology areas and healthcare equipment from multinational healthcare companies like Siemens and Dräger (Germany) , Roche (Switzerland), General Electric (USA), Toshiba (Japan), Gambro (Sweden), Grifols (USA-Spain), etc.

  • Remodeling and enlargement (over 200.000 m² built) of public Hospitals in Malaga, for 15 years.
  • Designed project for a New hospital (160.000 m²) in Malaga metropolitan area with all medical specialties.
  • Designed and built of five new Health Centers in Malaga.
  • Won and designed project for New Hospital to Guinea, (6.500 m²) with almost all specialties in a limited space.
  • International experience to Europe, USA, South and Central America, North Africa and Asia, Middle East.