In the case of hospital architecture, it is of great importance the field of engineering in all its aspects. Because it’s omplementary and yet, give increasingly higher value to the performance or architectural intervention.Iit is important (especially in the performances of architectural remodeling). In these cases a double coordination is necessary both in the seamless integration of the different systems together, such as adaptation to existing architectural elements and the connection to the general network of facilities in the building. We should make a special mention of the air-conditioning in certain hospital services, such as: operating room, intensive care units, recovery units, bopxes isolation and hospitalization area, etc.

  • Complete engineering projects attached to own architectural projects including construction management thereof, so that the project coordinates and optimizes the costs of interventions subject to engineering.
  • Structural reinforcements. In many cases the implementation of radiology equipment or automated laboratory chain. Require in the majority of cases structural reinforcements that must be done with technique allowing the least possible interference on the lower floors, causing the least possible damage to other units.
  • Repair of structural pathologies, in many cases the building structure presents damages caused both by  age, as well as from other problems like humidity, seating, etc.. All this means a project that solves these problems in the shortest time possible and with the lowest work cost.
  • Expansion of existing facilities, many times the air-conditioning, central transformation rush, even medical gases, should be modified and extended to support the reform and expansion of the hospital that requires a project to extend the same to present performances as for other future.
  • Update installations using energy efficiency criteria cogeneration projects, installation of solar collection panels for thermal uses fotoboltaicas plates, biomass boilers, distribution rings acs and finally studies to energy savings from existing facilities.
  • Legalization and quality control facilities once the works.