In the case of hospital architecture, is of great importance in the field of engineering in all its aspects. Since complement yet, give increasingly higher value to the action or intervention arquitectonica.es important (especially in the performances of architectural remodeling). In these cases a double coordination is necessary both in the seamless integration of the different systems together, how to adapt to existing architectural elements and the connection to the general network of facilities in the building. Should make a special mention to the air-conditioning in certain hospital services, such as: operating rooms, intensive care units, recovery units, bopxes isolation and hospitalization area, etc.For other hand is important to address in a specific way varying degrees of illumination. It also becomes very important the study of electrical installations for lighting not only to reduce their consumption and easy maintenance, but by the great importance of the correct choice of lighting in any hospital service areas or hospitalization area . Another area that is being implemented in the field of engineering is to hospital facilities covering automation control obviously higher levels to existing and expected the call to the control room, and are included in the project, not only new construction, but renovations of existing buildings, facilities daylighting control, which allow high energy saving and economical. Besides facilitating environmental comfort is achieved. Moreover being a service provider’s and worked with leading multinational hospital sector allows continuous updating of knowledge about the latest technological innovations in the sector. Furthermore the considerable experience in complex works of art not only in the health sector allows us to offer a range of entirely new construction solutions that facilitate commissioning work, and raise their costs, especially in expansion work, structural reinforcement, pathology repair special foundation design and other interventions such as underground parking design and forensic pathology studies incorporated into our projects comply with all the latest European regulations on issues such as energy efficiency, attract plates uses solar thermal, photovoltaics, cogeneration, biomass boilers, energy exchangers, etc.